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Island Innovation is a social enterprise and digital media company at the intersection of sustainable development and communications, offering specialised services across various sectors. We bring together the private sector, government, utilities, NGOs and universities to advance innovation for sustainability and prosperity in islands worldwide, and are able to deliver to you original insights on innovation in remote, rural and island regions, as well as specialising in advanced communication skills.

Through our team’s broad range of qualifications, substantial wealth of experience and variety of professional, educational and geographical backgrounds, we are fully equipped to provide to you a host of high-quality services that can be fully tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Virtual Events Organisation and Facilitation

Our flagship event is the Virtual Island Summit, an entirely online event designed to connect islands to share their common experiences through a digital platform, with 10,000+ attendees from around the world expected at our Virtual Island Summit 2020! We can help you to deliver your own tailored successful virtual events and webinars. 

To create a successful virtual event can be a difficult endeavour if you decide to try and do everything inhouse, especially if you are new to these types of events and/or have only organised offline versions. There are many different components to consider which we will be able to assist you and your team with every step of the way. 

After analysing your event and discussing your requirements and objectives, some of the elements we can help you with include: filling additional roles that you may not have already in your team, such as graphic designers, web designers or copywriters, assisting in securing your speakers, setting up the tech for your event including video, registration and email platform and integrating each of these together, helping to market your event through the creation of graphics, text and videos and by using promotional tools like social media platforms, email and others. We can also reach out to media outlets to promote your event, create groups and automated posts on social media and much more. Our support and work will be completely tailored to your requirements such as the type and size of event you are planning.


We understand sustainable development and communications. You understand your region. Workshops are an opportunity to share our knowledge and create actionable solutions and new directions. In a one-day workshop, we can discuss case studies and programs designed to encourage entrepreneurship in peripheral regions and opportunities for implementation. 

We will generate a report of opportunities and key insights to be referred to as a future resource. Organisations can then implement these ideas according to the discussed timelines and suggested partners. We can continue to offer connections to specific partners following the workshop.


We work to deepen an audience’s understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world’s most isolated regions. Through customized speaking engagements we change the narrative on rural, remote and island regions by demonstrating how they can become centres of innovations and create world-changing solutions. 

This is based on our wide-ranging experience in international politics, academic, nonprofits, government and the private sector. We will hold a preliminary call to determine key themes, audience and length of engagement, with a follow-up call to review a draft presentation and discuss feedback. This allows for the engagement to be tailored to local needs and meet the requirements of the client.

Please note, if you decide to select Island Innovation to offer this particular service for your event or organisation, then in most cases you will be booking James Ellsmoor, our Founder and Managing Director.


We provide ongoing strategic advice and support for teams developing projects to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation. We can tailor this experience according to the needs of the project. Such projects that we offer consultation work for include how to set-up and run a successful virtual event, how to make your business or institution more sustainable, how to successfully market your sustainable organisation using digital marketing techniques such as social media, email marketing, videos, podcasts and more.

One of our team can play the role of an additional team member in your organisation, bringing a new and distinct perspective of development projects. We work with companies as an advisor for long-term programs, providing feedback, brainstorming and planning advice.

To begin with, we will get to know your business or team as well as possible through virtual meetings via video conferencing software, phone calls and emails. Once this understanding of your particular business or unique project is in place, we will summarise our findings and thoughts and then layout an in-depth framework or detailed plan for solving the problem you face. After our analysis is complete, we will discuss our findings at length with all relevant personnel within your team and can reconnect at a later date to provide follow-up feedback and advice.

Strategic Communications and Digital Marketing

We provide communications and marketing planning and operations, specialising in sustainable development, energy and islands. This encompasses all areas of digital marketing including copywriting, web design, social media strategy and management, video and photo editing, creation of Google Business Pages and more. 

We can provide training and consultation for your team to help maximise the success of your brand communications and/or digital marketing strategy, as well as creating clear actionable guidelines for how to successfully grow the reach and engagement of your website, social media profiles and other online media such as YouTube channel. Additionally, you can hire the Island Innovation team to take over your brand’s strategic communications and digital marketing, thus freeing up your time for other areas of your business.

Sustainability Planning and Advisory

We help organisations to track and measure their environmental impact and find new strategies to build their sustainability. As we assist with shifting your business to becoming more sustainable by making choices that positively impact the earth and all who live on it, this will simultaneously save you money. 

This will involve evaluating the impact your company is having on the environment (for example, their carbon footprint), and then minimising that impact or planning the use of limited resources. We are able to analyse data related to your brand and produce reports to demonstrate these findings and present our findings to your team. We can provide advice about how you, as our client, can meet regulations laid out in environmental law. We can help recommend technologies and explain the most cost-effective and beneficial routes to sustainability. This could involve switching to alternative energy sources to lower energy costs, smarter water usage, reducing waste and lowering carbon emissions. 

Market Entry and Government Relations

We leverage our international network and expertise to help clients understand island markets and their opportunities and challenges. Reports, market research, analysis, introductions to our network.

Research, Report Writing, Media and Publications

We produce and promote high-level publications for any audience from whitepapers and market research to blogs and podcasts. A lot of work goes into producing high-quality content, whether this is a thoroughly researched report, market research that stands up to scrutiny, in-depth blog posts packed with theories, thoughts and practical advice based on factually based sources rather than surface-level opinions or simple anecdotes and podcasts which grab the listeners attention as well as inspire their imagination. 

We can take the stress and time out of creating this kind of content for your company. All we need is a consultation call and a brief description of what you’re looking for and we will be able to produce high-quality content that you’re company will be proud to promote on its website, email newsletters and social media channels. 

As you can see from the testimonials we have received, our results speak for themselves, with many satisfied clients. We are highly confident in the quality of our services and that you will also be more than satisfied with them if you decide to book our team to work with you on one of your projects.

If you feel that Island Innovation could be a good fit for your company or personal brand and you’re interested in one or more of our services, then we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below for a free consultation and one of our team will be in touch soon. We look forward to working with you! 

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